Sale and Leaseback 

An immediate cash flow release without any disruption to business activities and with long-term advantages.  Sale and leaseback is a financial arrangement whereby you sell the vehicles you own to ALD and then lease these vehicles back for a fixed monthly amount.

How sale and leaseback works:

  • ALD obtain confirmation of each vehicle age, mileage, ownership information, confirmation of any existing finance against the vehicle and whether the vehicles qualify for VAT
  • We will value the eligible vehicles (depending on the mileage, age, service record and condition) and offer a realistic market value for the vehicles or purchase them at their book value.
  • We then take ownership of the vehicles and lease them back at a pre-agreed full service lease rate for a specific term and mileage. 
  • As a result, we take the burden of ownership and disposal so you don’t have to.
  • At the end of the agreed term simply return the vehicle in line with our Fair Wear & Tear policy


  • Immediate cash injection
  • Reduced and outsourced risk
  • Simplified budgeting with fixed monthly payments
  • Cost, time and admin savings
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