Personal Contract Hire 

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits usually associated with having a company car. Our PCH product is competitively priced, practical and hassle free. It offers all of the advantages of a brand new car with flexibility of vehicle choice but without the financial burden that ownership carries.   An alternative way to drive that prestigious car you have always dreamed of.  

  • Fixed Monthly Payment - No hidden costs, your budgeted monthly payment covers everything except fuel and insurance.
  • Affordability - ALD Automotive’s exceptional purchasing power gives us access to discounts not available to private individuals, giving you more choice to drive the vehicle you really want.
  • Full Maintenance Package - Scheduled servicing & unscheduled repairs, tyres, NCT (when applicable) as well as annual road tax are all covered in the monthly cost, eliminating the everyday challenge of maintaining your own vehicle.  
  • No resale worries - At the end of the contract, simply return your vehicle to us and let us worry about the resale value.
  • Contract flexibility - We tailor your contract to suit your needs and expected annual mileage (between 2-5 years).



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