Comprehensive choice of all car types.

The latest cars from the best manufacturers, provided with a cradle-to-grave consultancy service.

Whether you are offering company cars as a perk of the job or an essential tool for the trade, it is safe to say that the company car is one of the most valued workplace benefits.  However, with more makes, models and fuel types available than ever before, ensuring that you are running the right cars for your business has never been more challenging.

Rising environmental awareness in particular has led to a greater focus on running the right eco-friendly vehicles for the fleet, with Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and full Electric-powered vehicles progressively being taken up alongside conventional petrol and diesel-powered cars.

Total Cost of Ownership (also known as Whole Life Costs / TCO) of vehicles is now more important than ever and can help promote uptake of greener vehicles on your fleet, alongside company car tax considerations.

With 20 years’ experience in providing vehicle funding and ancillary support services to both corporate and consumer markets, we can help create and implement a bespoke fleet policy for your business taking your corporate and driver requirements into account.

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