Fleet Check

A comprehensive fleet check can be arranged whenever there is a group of your drivers together for any reason. As well as arranging for qualified technicians to inspect each vehicle, we will produce a comprehensive report that will detail the condition of the tyres, bodywork, light levels, mileage and general condition of each vehicle. Should any work be required as a result of the fleet check, we can arrange an immediate repair.

This service is free of charge and covered by our management fee.  We are also happy to inspect vehicles of driver who receive an allowance instead of a company car.

The main benefits of a comprehensive fleet check include:

  • Vehicle condition reports
  • Body work appraisals
  • Odometer readings
  • Lights & levels
  • Tyre checks

We also offer these additional services to drivers, if required:

  • Insurance declaration guidance
  • Driver App presentation
  • Driver briefing session
  • Accident procedure
  • Licence checks


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