Accident damage and windscreen repair


Should an accident ever occur, we’re here to help. Our Accident Management team can help you during office hours on (01) 206 1118.   For out of office emergencies, you can call the AA directly on 1800 66 77 88. Be sure to advise them that your vehicle is managed by ALD Automotive.  You should notify us of the accident on the next working day so that we can walk you through the process.

General Damage

To avoid any recharges at the end of your agreement, you should always advise us of any damage to your vehicle as it occurs.

Windscreen repair

If you have a cracked windscreen you can simply call our Accidents Team who will arrange with one of our preferred suppliers to get it repaired. 

You can also report any accident including windscreens on our ALD driver app and repair will be arranged.


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