Our identity

Our vision

Mobility is a fundamental success factor for businesses in an increasingly complex world.
Smart technologies give easy access to top quality services and offer opportunities to create sustainable value. Individuals will increasingly have the freedom to design their own personalized corporate mobility solutions.

Our mission

To drive freedom in global mobility.

Our ambition

Our ambition is simply to be the worldwide leader in the creation and provision of mobility solutions.

To achieve that, we work as one cohesive team to exceed customer expectations and set the benchmark for quality, innovation and sustainable results within our industry.  As an example, every year we measure the satisfaction levels of our customers and drivers.

We are steadfastly customer-centric and commit to a consistent level of service and pricing over time and across borders: we behave as ONE.

Our values

As part of Société Générale Group, we share our common core values: team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment.

These values are central to our relationship-focused strategy.

ALD Automotive is committed to support each client company, its fleet manager and its employees, in every country, by supplying the specific products and services required to deliver a successful and positive experience.

Our ambition is to be your mobility partner, providing:

- Comprehensive services, taking into account human, professional, financial, technical and environmental parameters in all countries.
- Adapted solutions to local and individual cultures.

Our conduct and ethical principles 

Together with Société Générale, ALD has been working for the past years to strengthen its culture based on its values, its ethics and its code of conduct. 

ALD’s target is to ensure that its employees comply with the Code of Conduct and act with integrity in their day-to-day activities.

The code of conduct promotes respect for human rights and the environment, the prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption, the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, respect for market integrity, data protection, proper conduct with regard to gifts and invitations and responsible sourcing.

Société Générale Code of conduct 


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